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    • What is an RCD socket and how does it work?
      RCD sockets, or safety sockets with earth leakage protection, prevent electric shock accidents by cutting power in case of leakage or overload. They use leakage protection switches and overload protectors to ensure safety. Equipped with anti-arc function, they supplement but don't replace safe appliance usage. CHNT offers various types including 1-gang and double sockets with different current ratings.
    • How ELCB Works、Install and Check Trip
      This article offers a comprehensive guide to ELCBs, covering understanding, calculation, installation, and troubleshooting. It explains ELCB operation, guides on calculating ratings, troubleshoots tripping issues, and provides best practices for installation, ensuring safety and effectiveness.
    • Modern Electrical Protection Equipment Explained: From 100A Circuit Breakers to DC Circuit Breakers
      3-pole circuit breakers ensure circuit reliability by safeguarding against overloads and faults. This article delves into their mechanisms, structures, and roles, enhancing understanding and proper utilization for improved circuit safety.
    • RCD RCBO difference and what is RCD ?
      RCD is residual current action protector, is a kind of leakage protection device, is a kind of can effectively prevent personal electric shock casualties of electrical technology measures; RCD Socket is residual current action protector (leakage protection device) plugging device.
    • Principle of operation of RCBO
      RCBO (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection) is a kind of comprehensive circuit breaker which can provide overcurrent protection and residual current protection. It is an important safety device in the field of household and industrial electricity, which can automatically cut off the circuit in case of current overload or ground fault to protect personal safety and electrical equipment.
    • What is RCBO, MCB, MCCB, ELCB, RCCB?
      MCB, MCCB, ELCB, RCBO, RCCB: Explaining the different types of circuit breakers
    • Time Relay Working Principle
      Time relay is a control appliance that uses electromagnetic principle or mechanical principle to achieve time delay control. It has many types, such as air damping type, electric type and electronic type. Time relays can be divided into two types: energized time delay type and power-off time delay t
    • What is the role of solid state relays? Features, principles, advantages and disadvantages, etc.
      The role of solid state relaysSolid-state relays are actually non-contact switching devices with relay characteristics that use semiconductor devices to replace traditional electrical contacts as switching devices. Single-phase SSR is a four-terminal active device, of which two input control termina
    • What does 5(20)A on the meter mean?
      Everyone is probably familiar with electric energy meters. Nowadays, smart meters are often used to measure and bill household electricity. If you look closely, you will find that there is a parameter 5 (60) written in the prominent position of the electric energy meter.For example, the parameter in
    • The working principle of the leakage protector
      1. What is a leakage protector?Answer: The leakage protector (leakage protection switch) is an electrical safety device. The leakage protector is installed in the low-voltage circuit. When leakage and electric shock occur, and the operating current value limited by the protector is reached, it will
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